Ceremonies and Celebrations

Significant events potentially bring stress and confusion.  A good plan, a timeline for action, and a knowledge of which issues require priority attention bring comfort and clarity.  We focus on bringing order to important, complex events  including conferences, meetings, galas, fundraisers, and training sessions. Our service is available on a single-consultation basis or on a more full-scaled basis, depending on your needs.

Developing Early instincts for celebrations.We believe it is not the amount you spend for an event, but how you spend it that counts.  We have worked with elected officials, philanthropists, trustees, chief executive officers and celebrities. The occasions we have planned have involved in some cases thousands, in others, hundreds, and in others tens of people.   We begin our planning with the mindset of "make no assumptions."  We go into the event ready to adapt quickly if a surprise should occur.  Whether an important  small meeting or a large visible occasion, we give attention to messaging, hospitality, space, and comfort:  all need thoughtful planning.   Our goal is to help clients create effective, memorable occasions that achieve their mission and purpose.